Good Dogs Do Stray is a narrative blend of a young person's wonderment and the seasoned reflection of an older man. Emmerich Koller tells the true story of his family as it copes with privation, World War II and its aftermath, escape from Stalinist Hungary after the revolution of 1956, four years of refugee life in Austria, and immigration to America. Woven into the family's history is the author's own metamorphosis from poor country boy to seminarian, to college graduate, to member of a religious order, to teacher.

The story begins in the spring of 1945. The villagers cower in their homes. Once again in its long history, Pernau, located at the western edge of Hungary, finds itself in the path of fighting armies. The retreating Germans care little about the loss of innocent life or village property if their shells from nearby Austria can slow down the pursuing Red Army. A horrific explosion announces the arrival of the Russians and awakens little Emmerich to the world around him. Smoke and dust have barely settled when an officer knocks on the door and asks for a needle and thread. Like a proper gentleman, he returns everything a short time later. Relief sweeps over the entire family. Not for long. The dreaded horde follows. Read More »

Now available as an E-book.

Interview from "Off the Shelf," Glenview, Il Television, about the author's experience writing this book.